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2012 Season Prizegiving.


The Dee S.C. prizegiving for the 2012 season took place on Sunday 3rd of February.  The club was packed with sailors and partners enjoying the food, drink and of course the awards ceremony.

Commodore Colin Thomas started by inviting all the junior sailors that could attend to collect their award certificates.


The prizegiving then continued with the fleet prizes.

[flagallery gid=29 name=Gallery]

And onto the special awards.

The Hiscocks Challenge Trophy is awarded to Mike Wray for his sailing perfomances and rescue service to the club throughout the year and the Ladies Challenge Bowl is awarded to Natallie Price for her performances sailing with other half  Ollie on their Dart 18.



And finally the main award of the day, the Routeledge Award

Chris Weston bosses the citation for Colin Trantom for his extensive efforts fighting the spartina grass.


The full list of main prize winners is given below.  Well done everyone !

DSC Regatta1st JuniorCharlie Ewing
Monohull Overall1stIan Mclean
Fast Catamaran Spring Series2ndMatt Pollock
Fast Catamaran Champagne Series2ndColin Thomas
Fast Catamaran Champagne Series1stRob Lucking
Fast Catamaran Summer Series2ndAndy Goudie
Fast Catamaran Autumn Series2ndAndy Goudie
Fast Catamaran Overall2ndAndy Goudie
Fast Catamaran Spring Series1stAndy Potter
Fast Catamaran Summer Series1stAndy Potter
Fast Catamaran Autumn Series1stAndy Potter
Fast Catamaran Overall1stAndy Potter
Best Written Cruise reportGlyn Jones
Cruiser Overall1stMaggie Hammond
Cruiser Overall1stRoy Sheriff
Long Distance Race1st CruiserAlex Reed
Long Distance Race1st CruiserMark Astbury
DSC Regatta1st CruiserKenny Williams
DSC Regatta1st CruiserMike Shillaker
Dart 18 Spring Series3rdChris Aspinall
Dart 18 Champagne series3rdLee Mathews
Dart 18 Champagne series2ndIan Smith
Dart 18 Autumn Series3rdOllie Price
Dart 18 Premier Series3rdOllie Price
Dart 18 Overall3rdOllie Price
Dart 18 Champagne series1stOllie Price
DSC Regatta1st Dart18Ollie Price
Dart 18 Spring Series2ndSimon Moruzzi
Dart 18 Summer Series2ndSimon Moruzzi
Dart 18 Autumn Series2ndSimon Moruzzi
Dart 18 Premier Series2ndSimon Moruzzi
Dart 18 Overall2ndSimon Moruzzi
Dart 18 Spring Series1stJames Douglas
Dart 18 Summer Series1stJames Douglas
Dart 18 Autumn Series1stJames Douglas
Dart 18 Premier Series1stJames Douglas
Dart 18 Overall1stJames Douglas
Coronation Pursuit Race1stSimon Moruzzi
Round Hilbre1st CatamaranSimon Moruzzi
Club Championships1st DinghyMichael Dodd
Club Championships1st CatamaranWill Thopmson
Hiscocks Challenge TrophyMike Wray
Ladies Challenge BowlNatalie Price
The Routeledge AwardK.C.Trantom

Long Distance Race this weekend

Due to the inclement weather forecast the long distance race this weekend has been cancelled. Normal club racing will still go ahead, weather permitting.

Club Championships

This weekend the annual club championships will be contested. There will be 2 days of racing, with 3 races billed for each day.

Start time for Saturday is 0940hrs and Sunday 1005hrs.

The bar will be open both days for après sail refreshments and there will be a BBQ on the Sunday.

The inner most thoughts of a cruiser (on the commodores cruise!)

It was the night before the cruise and Cap’n Greg’s email was a wee bit gloomy – each skipper needs to look into their own deep, dark souls and decide for themselves if to sail in the wind conditions prevailing…………’ . I heard that wind whistling through the shrouds and did not sleep well……

But I was far more optimistic when I got down to the club on Sunday morning. The sun was brightly shining – which always drops many knots off one’s interpretation of wind speed don’t you know !

Ray – the first of my old pal crewmen to arrive – appeared ahead of schedule and we joyfully agreed that with a couple of reefs in the main we’d be absolutely fine. Next crewman – Tony – arrived a few minutes later looking pretty sprightly and once togged up, we headed down the causeway in very good heart.

I had brought a few beers with me and Ray had a stash of some of his wife’s famous brownies in his bag so together with my emergency aged fruitcake in the locker on the boat, I knew that we would last out until we got to the Hoyle bank burger bar…………..

Ray and Tony have experience in sailing but not on my boat, so we probably took more time than usual in rigging up. However, we did well and got off down the channel not very long after Tango. We were the last one out and I was a bit nervous of the shallows as it was a very neap tide. Also – I have never really got the hang of my ancient depth sounder ! ( in fact I turned it off – it bleeps so much !) Last year we did ‘bump’ a little on the way out and so feared getting stranded as, in that event, provisions would certainly not last !

Well – we kept good and close to the green channel buoys round the dogleg. I bless whoever it is who puts those buoys in there ! We made good safe progress out to Dee 1 buoy before turning starboard to Dee 2 buoy ( why has that one got vertical white stripes on it by the way ? ) to collect with the rest of the fleet in comfortably deep water by this time I realised we were darn right to put two reefs in and deploy the smaller jib !

Before too long Greg got us lined up in a row and we were off – total magic.

We took a pretty straight line ( close hauled) down the channel between Hilbre Island and the Hoyle bank. Keeping an eye on the other boats and the line they took – we seemed to be ahead but were very mindful of getting too close to Hilbre.
Tango, Twilight and Misty Blue all tacked to port as they got to Hilbre main island. We waited to do that until later. We made a total mess of that tack and it cost us dear. In hindsight I feel we would have made it through the channel without tacking as the tide would sweep us through , or at least leave tacking until we knew we couldn’t clear Hilbre – a skippers error (mia culpa).

Inevitably we got overtaken by Tango and Misty Blue leaving Hilbre but kept an optimistically good chase and started looking for the far buoy. All boats got the direction a little bit wrong on that – we should have gone about 5 degrees east of North rather than North. I think Misty Blue spotted the buoy first and bore off those few degrees towards it.

Spookily the wind then decided to get behind us and we all were on a training run towards the far mark. It’s funny how all is peaceful with the wind behind you. The chop / swell out beyond Hilbre was demanding or thrilling, depending on your point of view, but a very good experience for me personally as it showed me how the helm on Trio responded to a swell coupled with a gusting wind – very confidence building for a newcomer to the art of sailing.

Greg – very thoughtful sailor that he is – went east of the channel to avoid the main thrust of the outward tide. His boat can point closer to the wind however and he used that to good advantage. Could we have used that line ?

Twilight was behind us but gradually making ground and it was on the leg back to Hoyle bank that Twilight raced smart and won the cup. I looked at their sails and they were beautifully set compared to ours. They were gaining on us relentlessly. We did our best to tune things by adjusting the angle of the main sail but – again in hindsight – we should have reefed more effectively before setting off. Had we done that we could have safely shaken out a single reef ( as the wind had lessened a little) and put that bit more pace on.

As it was with our ill tangled main, to do so would have been risking a slip off deck into the cold and briny deep . Actually, the combined age of our 6 knees is ( a bit like the compass rose) 360 years, so this was a very real possibility !!  Inch by inch Twilight caught us on the return leg and pipped us on the line by two seconds. Frustrating, but hugely well done to them ! and, many, many thanks to Gareth for the wonderful photo he took of Trio on the out leg. I will get that framed – quite memorable !

On arrival at the bank, feeling pretty hungry after our exertions, we grounded rather than taking anchor.  Look – I’m a novice, I was tired, hungry and I’ve never anchored before so give me a break !. (As it turned out a later departure from Hoyle bank made no difference.)  Soon we stepped ashore to well earned food an drink ( Many thanks to Dave on the barbecue for the well grilled grub).

Although very sunny, my crew and I felt a bit chilled ( old bones soon get cold) so after beers and burgers and hotdogs we repaired to the boat for a lie down out of the wind and a good cup of tea ( laced with a bit of whiskey) and a rest and reflection on a most enjoyable race.

Tootling back was relaxing (apart from me flooding the outboard on re-launch ) , but we needed care around those dogleg corners with the shallow tide……….. Interesting to see some cats grounded with crew casually wading and pulling their boats through the shallows only a few yards away.

Back at the moorings we came up carefully to our buoy but 10 feet short we grounded, a last surprise ! I chortled out loud ! all the tricky stuff we had coped with but my own muddy, shallow patch had caught me out !  Soon we packed stuff away and were brought ashore so thanks to you rib folk ! ).

So………… an enthusing experience and thanks to all our fellow sailors. Looking forwards to next years cruise !!

Glyn Jones (Cruiser Fleet)