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Commodores Cruise, DSC Regatta and Cocktail Party – Thank YOU



Well what a busy couple of weekends we have had! Starting with a very successful Commodores Cruise on the 13th and followed by a great Regatta and combined Cocktail party on the 20th.  A format, that might just be worth repeating.

On behalf of all the members and visitors that enjoyed both these events I would like to say a big thank you to all those that worked to make them happen.  It really did take a lot of organising from all parts of the club including : Dave and the House and Social team, Captain Mark, Richard and the Rescue team, Angie and her bar staff and of course all the members of your sailing and general committees.

Thank you all and lets look forward to doing it all again next year.

Dee Sailing Club Regatta 2015 – Saturday 20th June


The DSC annual regatta is this Saturday the 20th of June.  With high water at 14:27 there is plenty of time to get your boat prepared in the morning with the earliest start time being 12:45 for tidal classes and 13:00 for cats and dinghies.  See the NOR and SIs for further details.  This year all races will run from the “Dee Ark” and the courses for all classes can be found in a single course card.

The weather has been booked to be sunny with a moderate breeze so there is no reason not to take part.   And finally , things can only get better as all regatta sailors are formally invited to join Dee members after prizegiving for a cocktail party on the lawn,  including live entertainment.

I trust we will see you there.

Regatta Documents.

Regatta Course Card 2015 V11
Regatta Entry Form 2015 V11
Regatta NOR 2015 V12
Regatta SI 2015 V11

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